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1. What's done can't be undone.無可挽回。 潑水難收。

2. You can‘t make something out of nothing. 巧婦難為無米之炊。

3. Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life.幫我做出重大決定的最好工具,就是知道自己快死了。

4. Learn to say before you sing.按部就班。

5. Never, never, never, never give up Winston Churchill 永遠不要、不要、不要、不要放棄。英國首相 丘吉爾

6. Let one’s thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world--above, below and across--without any hatred, without any enmity.讓我們心中無限的愛能遍布整個世界,無論在宇宙的那一個角落,都沒有絲毫的怨恨和敵意。

7. All truths are not to be told.真理并不都能說得清。

8. May I be firm and resolute! May I be kind, compassionate, and friendly! May I be humble, calm, quiet, unruffled and serene! May I serve to be perfect! May I be perfect to serve! 愿我能堅決勇敢,有毅力和恒心。愿我能仁慈友善富有同情心。愿我能謙卑寧靜沉著安詳。愿我能邁向完美的道路,而且能完善地服務別人。

9. Nothing seek, nothing find無所求則無所獲。

10. Time reveals all things.時間會揭露一切。

11. 追求目標越高,需要放棄的東西就越多。The higher goal, the more you have to give up things.

12. Give as good as one gets. 一報還一報

13. It’s better to be alone than to be with someone you’re not happy to be with.寧愿一個人呆著,經典語句? .也不要跟不合拍的人呆一塊。

14. I might say that success is won by three things: first, effort; second, more effort; third, still more effort.可以說成功要靠三件事才能贏得:努力,努力,再努力。 ——Thomas Hardy英國詩人小說家哈代

15. 追求的腳步應該像時間一樣,只能進不能退。Pursuit of steps should be like time, no return.

16. Give up worrying about what others think of you What they think isn’t important What is important is how you feel about yourself不要為別人怎么看你而煩惱。別人的看法并不重要,重要的是你怎么看待你自己。

17. All that you do, do with your might; things done by halves are never done right.做一切事情都應盡力而為,半途而廢永遠不行。 ——R.H. Stoddard美國詩人斯托達德

18. Keeping is harder than winning. 創業不易,守業更難

19. Fools learn nothing from wise men, but wise men learn much from fools.

20. Whether happiness and sorrow in life would finally become memories,why not face them with smile一生中無論快樂悲傷,到最后都將成為回憶,不妨學著一笑置之的胸懷。

21. greed is the real poverty, the satisfaction is the most real wealth. 貪婪是最真實的貧窮,滿足是最真實的財富。

22. Easy come, easy go. 來的居,去也匆匆

23. Art is long, but life is short. 人生有限,學問無涯。

24. There is no garden without its weeds.沒有不長雜草的花園。

25. If you don't learn to think when you are young, you may never learn.如果你年輕時沒有學會思考,那就永遠學不會思考。

26. There's only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving, and that's your own self.這個宇宙中只有一個角落你肯定可以改進,那就是你自己。

27. 時間就像一張網,你撒在哪里,你的收獲就在哪里。Time is like a net, where are you now, where you will gain.

28. Faults are thick where love is thin.一朝情意淡,樣樣不順眼

29. Never put off what you can do today until tomorrow.今日事今日畢!

30. He that promises too much means nothing. 輕諾者寡信

31. Nothing so bad but might be a blessing. 塞翁失馬,焉知非福

32. When you want knowledge like you want air under water then you will get it.當你需要知識就像你在水底需要空氣時,你準能得到它。

33. A maid that laughs is half taken.少女露笑臉,婚事半成全。

34. The worse luck now, the better another time. 風水輪流轉

35. The greater the man, the more restrained his anger.人越偉大,越能克制怒火。

36. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.對明天做好的準備就是今天做到最好!

37. Kings go mad, and the people suffer for it.君王發狂,百姓遭殃。

38. Every noble work is at first impossible.每一個偉大的工程最初看起來都是不可能做到的!

39. It is not enough to be industrious, so are the antsWhat are you industrious about? H.DThoreau光勤勞是不夠的,螞蟻也是勤勞的。要看你為什么而勤勞。梭羅

40. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value AEinstein 不要為成功而努力,要為作一個有價值的人而努力。愛因斯坦

41. There is but one secret to sucess---never give up!成功只有一個秘訣--永不放棄!

42. God never shuts one door but he opens another.天無絕人之路。

43. Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without!寧靜來自內心,勿向外尋求!

44. Strong in action, gentle in method 行動要堅強,方式要溫和。

45. Action speak louder than words.行動勝于言語!

46. Desire has no rest.人的欲望無止境。

47. 唯其尊重自己的人,才更勇于縮小自己。When you respect your-self, just more willing to narrow oneself.

48. 打擊與挫敗是成功的踏腳石,而不是絆腳石。Blow and frustration is a stepping stone of success, rather than a stumbling block.

49. 見己不是,萬善之門。見人不是,諸惡之根。See not, the door of good deeds. See not, and the root of evil.

50. Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you.在你想了解別人也想讓別人了解你之前,先完善并了解自己。

51. A little body often harbors a great soul.濃縮的都是精品

52. one today is worth two tomorrows.一個今天勝似兩個明天。

53. no matter how long night, the arrival of daylight association。 黑夜無論怎樣悠長,白晝總會到來。 words can not express true love, loyalty behavior is the best explanation。 真正的愛情是不能用言語表達的,行為才是忠心的最好說明。

54. 你知道思念一個人的滋味嗎,就像喝了一大杯冰水,然后用很長很長的時間流成熱淚。Do you know miss a person's taste, like drinking a large glass of ice water, then use a long time into tears.

55. Better an empty purse than an empty head.寧可錢袋癟,不要腦袋空。

56. The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.權力越大,濫用職權的危險就越大。

57. A friend is best found in adversityA friend in need is a friend indeed.患難見真情

58. A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.一個人可以失敗多次,但是只要他沒有開始責怪旁人,他還不是一個失敗者。 ——J.Burroughs美國博物學家巴勒斯

59. Doubt is the key to knowledge.懷疑是知識的鑰匙。

60. A thousand-li journey is started by taking the first step千里之行,始于足下。

61. Life is but a span.人生苦短。

62. Every man has his faults. 金無足赤,人無完人

63. One needs things to be truly happy living in the world: some thing to do, some one to love, some thing to hope for.在這個世界我們只需擁有三件事便可真正快樂:有自己向往的事業;有自己愛的人;還有希望.

64. Have an aim in life, or your energies will all be wasted.人生應該樹立目標,否則你的精神會白白浪費。 ——R. Peters美國法學家彼得斯

65. Kill the goose that laid the golden egg.殺雞取蛋。

66. Money makes the mare to go.錢可通神。

67. After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.登上高峰后,你會發現還有更多的山峰要翻越。

68. The world is his who enjoys it.活著感到快樂,世界就屬于你。

69. 那是在錯誤的時間和錯誤的地點,與錯誤的人發生錯誤的故事。It was in the wrong time and wrong place, there was an error with the wrong people.

70. I think success has no rules, but you can learn a lot from failureJean Kerr我認為成功沒有定律,但你可從失敗中學到很多東西。靜·科爾

71. The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.人生最大的教訓是要知道即使傻瓜有時候也是對的。

72. Rest breeds rust.停止須生銹。

73. Lies can never changes fact.謊言終究是謊言。

74. Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不見,心不煩

75. “only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and i’m not sure about the former.” - albert einstein “只有兩件事是永恒的:宇宙和人類的愚蠢。對于前者我并不是太了解!(愛因斯坦)

76. Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is better than two doubles.質重于量,一支全壘打比兩支安打好多了。

77. Happiness is a way station between too much and too little.幸福是太多和太少之間的一站。

78. The sensible man is not influenced by what other people think.明智的人不為別人的想法所影響。

79. Asking costs nothing. 問人不費分文。

80. All is flour that comes to his mill.到他的磨里都能碾成粉。

81. A bold attempt is half success.勇敢的嘗試是成功的一半。

82. Give a dog a bad name and hang him.欲加之罪,何患無詞。

83. the only present love demands is love. 愛所祈求的唯一禮物就是愛。 the heart thathe only present love demands is love. 真摯戀愛過的心永不忘卻。

84. The attendant should make the patient happy and hopeful.探視病人應使患者充滿希望和快樂

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